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Aria Target Logistics (ATL) - client satisfaction and delivery of excellence

Aria Target is an Afghan owned Group of Companies originally started in 2006 as a logistics company with the intent of providing the highest quality service, reliability, and responsiveness at a low cost to the customer. Since that time, Aria Target has gained momentum through the successful completion and continued service on Billions of USD in contracts with international agencies and some of the largest companies in the world.
  • ATL - the complete transportation service for all commercial vehicles throughout Afghanistan.
  • ATL simplifies your business by booking those transportation routes, at a lower price, for you!
  • ATL's construction capabilities range from full commercial design and development to simple 'built-to-print' projects.
  • Aria Target Logistics is engaged in worldwide container transport.
  • Isometric front view of the inside of ATL's ICON complex.
  • When serving our customers, we cross the bridge to just in time delivery initiatives.
  • Versatile and cost-effective design/build and transport program converting conex containers into multi-use facilities.
  • Isometric aerial view of ATL's ICON complex.
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